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Who is AMEN?

Angel "AMEN" Mendez, is a music producer/audio engineer/DJ from Bronx, NY. Affiliated with WCCR590AM, a student organization based in the CUNY, City College. Being a member there helped him perfect his craft as a producer first, and learned to DJ with help from his colleagues in the radio station. In order to perfect his craft as an audio engineer, he graduated from SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering) with an Audio Technology diploma in July 2015.  AMEN has said many times before that his mother is the main source of influence in becoming a producer/engineer/DJ. His mother is a Latin singer who is most known for her time as a member of late 1980's Merengue group, Grupo Tambó. AMEN is known to mix in Latin influences into his productions, whether it be for artists, or for his own material. He has worked with many artists from New York City such as For Peets Sake, Rum Santana, Kimmy IV, Nazdaq, SNGDNC, and many others. He's also worked with a few artists outside of the city such as Joey Green and Will Hill. AMEN has produced tracks in several different genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, House, and most recently, Jersey Club. His mission is to not only to unite the Bronx, but also to place it back on the map after years of irrelevancy, and also to be a part of a group full of talented individuals located in all 5 Boroughs, as he likes to dub it, the "Brand New New York". For him, there's still a lot of work to be done, so keep your eye out. Stay blessed. 

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